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Our congregation desires to be a multi-generational congregation that wishes to maintain a blended worship style. However, we also believe that the content of our music is what is most important. We desire first of all that our music be Christ honoring, God glorifying, and full of rich theology.  


Songs chosen for corporate worship services should teach rich doctrine and theology.  The songs being sung in the church should reflect the convictions the Church has been built upon. We believe it is only then that style should be considered so that the songs can be presented in a way that engages and encourages the congregation to approach the throne of God with confidence and humility.


Furthermore, we believe that we should have a God-centered view of worship that edifies hearers by reminding them of salvation, while also producing an evangelistic effect in their lives.  We understand that we are a people formed by the word of God, and it is His Word that calls us to worship. Won’t you come join us on Sunday Mornings at 11 am and experience the service for yourself. 

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